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Roatan Scuba Diving, Camp Bay Roatan

Dive Pangea offers full service valet diving packages to make your diving experience a relaxing, memorable experience.  Your dive gear is assembled, disassembled, rinsed and hung up to dry, all you have to do is step on the boat!


Dive Pangea has the distinct honor to be the first and only PADI facility in Camp Bay, so new dive sites are being discovered and charted all the time. When is the last time you have dove unspoiled territory or been the only divers on a dive site?  Say good-bye to cattle boats.


We are proud to offer Aqua Lung weight integrated BCD's, Aqua Lung Titan regulators, and Deep See full length 3mm wetsuits.


Roatan's reef is part of the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world and hosts an incredibly diverse marine ecosystem.  Camp Bay Beach is located on the far east side of Roatan, which is still relatively undeveloped.  Because this end of the island is still a well kept secret, the East End dive sites are some of the most impressive in the Caribbean.  Stunning, awe-inspiring canyons and swim throughs will leave you speechless.  Dolphins are a regular sight both on boat rides and on dives.


Tired of short dives?  As long as you are diving with a computer and are within your NDL limits, we are happy to indulge your bottom time wishes. 


We offer 3 dives a day:  2 tank dives departing at 8:30, and a 1 tank dive departing at 2:30, weather permitting. Times are approximate-- being a boutique shop, we have the precious luxury of flexibility and are happy to work around your schedule.  Check out our dive packages.




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