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We all share a love of the ocean and would love for you to experience our beautiful reefs here on the East End of Roatan.  We are here to give you an unforgettable dive trip that will leave you daydreaming once you return to the real world!
See you soon!


Chrissie Bowen Dive Pangea Roatan Team
Dive Pangea Roatan Team
Dive Pangea Roatan Team



Chrissie is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and a proud native Texan, from landlocked Dallas, TX. She always dreamed of living on the beach and opening her own dive shop and has been chasing the sunset ever since she took her first magical breath underwater 24 years ago.  Life, as it tends to do, got in the way, but after selling her business in 2009, she was able to fulfill part of her dream and become a scuba instructor and share her passion for diving and the ocean.  In 2015 she finally has her feet in the sand and is livin' the dream with her husband, Brian, and new island puppy, Uno!




Brian originally hails from Bixby, Oklahoma, but landed in the big city of Dallas after college as a bean counter at one of the old "Big 6" accounting firms.  Did the corporate thing for another 15 years at American Airlines Center, which was a pretty cool gig getting to see concerts and sporting events.  Scuba certification was a prerequisite to marrying Chrissie 14 years ago, but in his quest to please his fiancee, he discovered a love for the ocean.  still maintains his bean counter status working remotely, now he just has an office with a view.



Esley is our boat captain and a proud native islander who was born and raised in Diamond Rock, a small village on the east end of Roatan. He is the proud father of 5 and in his spare time he enjoys fishing, tending to his mangos, watermelon and papayas (which you will get to enjoy on your surface intervals).  He has grown up on these waters and knows them like the back of his hand.  Matute is a very well known and respected name here on Roatan as the Matute's have been here for many generations, so Esley is a wealth of knowledge in Roatan history. 



Uno is our CEO and Quality Control Manager.  Any complaints should be taken up directly with him.  He is also a native of Roatan, residing in a ditch on Camp Bay road when he made the acquaintance of Chrissie and Brian one night in November 2014. He ambitiously rose through the ranks and quickly became the boss and ruler of lives.  In his spare time he enjoys digging for crabs, catching waves and long siestas in the sun.


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