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Dive Pangea Roatan's Philosophy

You aren't the first and won't be the last to ask, "What the heck does pangea mean?"  The name was meant to be provocative and hopefully even open a dialogue. 


If you google the word, "pangea", you will find that it is the scientific term for the one "supercontinent" that covered the earth during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras.  The word is derived from the Greek words "pan", meaning whole or all-inclusive, and "Gaia", which was the ancient Greek goddess of Mother Earth.  


Here in the modern world, with one click of a button, we can communicate instantaneously with someone half- way around the world, or book a trip to be half way around the world with that person the next day.  The internet and the ease of travel have truly made the world a "supercontinent" once again, even if it is only metaphorically.  We are so connected that even our smallest actions have the ability to have a ripple effect around the world.


Our planet is almost 75% ocean, so you could say that we truly are a blue planet (hence the slogan, "One Blue World, Dive In!").  Our oceans provide us with life, not only in sustenance (seafood) and income (tourism), but also the air that we breathe: to put it simply, the oceans absorb carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, allowing humans to sustain life. If we do not protect our oceans and even the tiniest creatures in it, it would have a dire consequence for everyone.


As divers, we possess a deep, spiritual connection to the ocean, making us natural ambassadors to raise consciousness and awareness through our physical connections.  One way to do that is for people to experience the beauty of our oceans.  Our coral reefs comprise only 1% of our oceans but support 25% of ALL marine life.  That is a fragile balancing act--there is no room for error here!  We at Dive Pangea are passionate about conserving our reef and have a strict policy of "Take only pictures, leave only bubbles."  Touching or harrassing any creatures is simply not tolerated.  We are in their home and we need to respect the creatures and preserve this precious resource. 


Dive Pangea is dedicated to protecting our biggest natural resource:  our oceans.  If our oceans are not healthy then our entire world is at risk.  Because our lives are so interconnected today, we can use these connections to educate and influence others to leave the world just a little bit better than we found it and preserve it for future generations.


We hope you share our philosophy and hope to blow bubbles with you soon!  

For more facts and interesting information on reefs, please check out these sites:



ONE BluE WoRLd......Dive In!!!!


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